Film making activities’ insights

June 1, 2018

Movie making activities during team building sessions are getting more and more popular within corporate event industry. The main reason of it ssuccess is hiding into a fresh way of delivering team bondings in a fun and relaxed way. Unique creative atmosphere engages members to think “out of the box”, communicate, collaborate and reach common goals.


What moviemaking workshops are about?

Colleaguestransform for 5 hoursinto a film making crew. Those ones who were dreaming being a starin commercial,soap, video clip or action movie have a chance to work together with theirteam and create their own film production. Acting, filming and directing or starring in front of the camera. There are rolesfor everyone! Unlike other activities, movie making workshopsinvolve visual result that can be used forspreading on company’sresources, newsfeeds. Video can be even placed on Youtube/Instagram to enhance corporate’s HR brand.



How do moviemaking workshops look like?

Professional film crew arrives and sets up equipment on location. After motivating kick-off presentation, members diving into groups and brainstorm ideas. After pitch, teams must come up with a theme for their commercial,soap, video clip or action movie. Each group gets a film supervisor who will guide the groups through the process of filmmaking. Once scenarios are done, teams starts hootings. After getting necessary footage, professional crew takes time for editing results(normally 1 hour). Final step – is presentation of results that normally surprise everyone by its high-quality work.


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