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Build Your Company Culture Through FUN & Learning Program


in Johor bahru  |  desaru  |  malacca  |  Cruise  |  kota tinggi  


“You don’t build a business,

you build people,

and then people build the business”.

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team building pROGRAM

FUN & Learning -Team Building
FUN -Team Building
Adventure -Team Building


RUN Solution is a professional Team Building Company based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. We provide Team Building, Leadership Program,LEGO Workshop, Company Trip.

RUN is Registered Training Provider Under HRDF Malaysia.


We are good at

  • Professional Trainer- Focus on participants’ growth

  • Crew with Heart- Care for your participants' need

  • Great programs- Up to 40 training programs and variety tools effectively carry out every session


team building activities

Rocket Launch

Teams must not only focus on the design and build of the rocket but also create their own space corporation & branding to showcase on flight suits and the finished projectile.

adventure challenge

By nature it will be necessary for the team to stretch the boundaries of their comfort zone in these exciting events.

Raft Build & Race

This is an exhilarating activity bringing together competitiveness and hilarious fun as you test out your rafts capabilities to avoid that sinking feeling!

Jungle Treasure Hunt

Fast-paced, fun-filled and physical activity-based team building option, sure to have your team working together like never before. 

Go Beyond

Personality-Based Team Building.Focus on attitude and behavior change.

We take a rigorous approach to designing custom programs so we can achieve high impact.

Forest race

Mother Nature is a beautiful enchantress, tempting us with her rich and diverse landscapes that are so full of life. 

Sport Challenge

Not just for kids! Our team of strict teachers will put teams through their paces as they take a step back in time and recreate a school sports day.

Build the Bridge

The challenge is for teams to work together to design and build a Bridge which transports a ping pong ball  along its entire length propelled only by gravity!

.Roller Coaster

The challenge is for teams to work together to design and build a rollercoaster which transports a football along its entire length propelled only by gravity!

.Amazing race

Amazing Race is designed to challenge your teams’ abilities to think quickly outside the box on a selection of purpose built team activities.

Boot Camp

The Boot Camp are exercises that will help create a relationship of trust, strengthen bonds and promote individuals!

Lego Workshop​

Hands-on, experiential process designed to enhance innovation and business performance. 

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