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run solution

We are RUN, a SOLUTION company that
help you to focus on your people

One of the leading team building and HRDF corporate training providers in Johor Bahru,Malaysia. With proven results-driven activities, we RUN your business with HEART.

We provide Team Building, Leadership Program,LEGO® Serious Play®


We organize your Training in Johor Bahru & Desaru.

RUN is Registered Training Provider Under HRD Corp Malaysia.



RUN Solution Team Building Logo
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Our Mission

- To provide professional consultation in people training.

- To shape people character that helps to build a high-performing team.

our belief

Empowering the greatest asset of every company: THE PEOPLE

“You don’t build a business,

you build people.

And then, people build the business”.
Our training programs are created to unleash the very best version of your ‘PEOPLE’ to perform better and beyond expectations.
Custom-made programs that align with your company’s goals to maximize results are our specialty.

why we are different?
Team Building Presentation-2019v10-01-03

We believe in
hands-on training
using the

PLAY psychology



Team Building Presentation-2019v10-01-03

Play first,
soon after

Team Building Presentation-2019v10-01-03


focused on human
centric solutions

Team Building Presentation-2019v10-01-03


- We have experienced trainers to train “people”, i.e., your team members, who will then change their behaviors and subsequently deliver sustainable performance to generate value for your company.


- Our training programs are created based on psychological understanding of the “people”. We can even custom-made programs that align with your company goals and culture to maximize the learning experiences.


RUN aims to create two things -  a successful business, and a change for the better. We believes that a good business model is profitable, but with the added goal of solving social problems. It is our commitment to promote sustainable development in the business. We accumulate stable fund to contribute to community involvement project from our business profit.

we are good at

  • Professional trainer- Focus on participants’ growth

  • Crew with heart- Care for your participants' need

  • Great programs- Up to 40 training programs and variety tools effectively carry out every session

What we are going to do

  • Input morale and team spirit

  • Link the people to the company and each other

  • Break your comfort zone, challenge yourself

  • Increase the gratitude level

Professional Trainer

We own our very experience, with specialty of strength on one to one
Coach, who program and expert in carry out more than 40 outdoor activities
with great learning.
For indoor, we also own an excellent team building trainer who has
conducted with more than 200 over team building session, who is great in
achieving team building purpose and personal management.


  • Shape Team Attitude

  • Trust Building

  • Positive Mind Set

  • Embrace Diversity

  • Acceptance To Change

  • Goal Alignment

  • Team Bonding

  • Cross Communication

  • Motivation

Experience learning Process

Team Building Johor bahru process

Training Provider Under HRDF (human resource development fund ,malaysia)

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