2022-How To Claim HRDF SBL Khas Program -2021 2022

Claim Submission – Skim Bantuan Latihan Khas (SBLKHAS) Scheme (Employer)

To submit the claim of approved grant application

Document Need:

Training Provider-Training Proposal ,Trainer Profile, Quotation

Hotel/Training Venue- Hotel Quotation/Tax Invoice

Transportation- Quotation/Tax Invoice


1.Login to Employer’s eTRiS account

2.Click Application

3.Click Claim

4.Select Submit Claim With Grants

5.Click Claim at the Action Column (Only approved grant with completed trainings/events will be displayed)

6. Provide the contact details of the Officer to be Contacted or select Others if the name is not in the record system and then click Next

7.Verify the information (pre-populated from Grant application) then click Next

8. Fill in Trainer Information (updated by Training Provider) then click Next

9.Key in Trainee Attendance (updated by Training Provider) then click Next

10.Fill in Trainee Attendance Form (updated by Training Provider) then click Next

11.Fill in the claim amount for each Allowable Claim Item, upload the supporting document then click Next

12. Fill in the employer declaration form, check the pledge box and click SAVE & SUBMIT to submit the application

Claims have been successfully submitted after clicking the Submit & Save button.

The submission of claims will be reviewed and checked within five (5) working days.

Letter of approval will be sent to employers via email once the claims have been approved.