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RUN Solution team building session is different from the market

We believe manpower and people are the core reason for a company to grow. However, sometimes the team or people may turn out to be complicated, due to several reason, that is why the company energy may go down, or the ambience of working are not enough motivated.

Let’s look into the challenges

Generally, there are quite a numbers of challenges or common issues no company can avoid after a period of development.There are in fact 3 things that affecting the team: Energy, Communication, Attitude. There could be even more sophisticated problem or the issue can only be light. However you will see whether how the problems are it is all related back to this 3 things.

Lack of coordination = communication

Conflicts of task or between department = communication

Negative or low moral = low energy no motivation

Personality issue = attitude

Lack of problem solving skill = no attitude of learning

The key point is to improve this 3 things.

  1. Increase communication between people,

  2. Motivate to increase energy,

  3. Inspire to awake for better working attitude

And the improvement on this 3 things will overall enhance a team performance, whether for back end operation or frontline sales. You will find out, or soon realize, the most impotant elements to create a team, or improve a team, is all about this 3 things. Of course there can be more to add on, however in team building concept, this are the 3 main key.

2017, is a great timing of getting the people of your company enroll to team building. Big company like shell, alibaba, and so on they do it annually. And now a lot of company also realize and are widely enrol in different kind of learning or growing program costing thousands of dollars for each person.

Our team building, in RUN, we serve our mission, basically RUN is a professional Team Building Company based here in Johor Bahru. We provide several type of Team Building session, half day or one day full session, 2days 1 night, 3 days 2 nights, LEGO Workshop, TV Workshop, as well as the usual Company Trip.

Different type of time length will serve different level of team building purpose. Half day is to open mind and motivate, one full day is workshop, 2d1n and 3d2n is more on experiential learning that will engage more to the people. 3d2n is considered a strong and solid engagement. Engagement meaning to say the team themselves will more engage to each other and throughout series of learning and activities that required a lot of cooperation and coordination, most importantly “understanding on each other, strength and weaknesses” , not only module but action learning, you will also able to see and obtain what action to call after the team building camp ended. However half day and one day is like module only, classroom learning and simple workshop.

We emphasize a lot on the efficacy throughout the learning and facilitation over the entire process. Instead of just being carry and go. You are not going to get touch and go thing from our team building. That is what the price worth for.

For the company to win, the team must have the heart to win. For the team to get strong and united to serve company goal, team building is one of the best pathway. Of course one time of team buidling aint going to be enough, however a good start show the heart of the company to their people. Not only the engagement in between moreover the engagement to company will even more stronger and solid.

Our team building session is different from the market which are more as below

  • Quality trainer- Focus on participants’ growth, both our trainer has more than 10 years of experience training on corporate and sales team, some of the sales team she trained become top rank in their company. Our indoor and outdoor trainer train both the participant physically and mentally, in order for them to achieve higher goal throughout the learning.

  • Crew with heart- , our crew are all well trained crew who coordinate the event up and down well and care for the participant, all the program that we carried out, we had trained on our crew as well , therefore we understand every certain point of learning and need.

  • Great programs- nevertheless, to effectively carry out the program, require a lot of good tools and solid program designed or customized to achieve the purpose. We provide up to 40 training programs and variety tools effectively carry out every session. You can just let your hand out and let yourself involve and experience and discover what is in you.

And in our program, we will achieve 4 goals,

We will in put strong team spirit

We will engage everyone together

We will break your comfort zone and challenge yourself to discover your new limit,

And we will touch a level of gratitude.

FUN & Challenging Team Building -HDRF Claimable

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